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Bridge the gap between College and Career

LearnAhead is designed to help graduate students and professionals seeking to excel in their career!

It helps you with:

Actionable Outcomes

Lead to win in Career

  • Identify and adapt to win new job opportunities
  • Prepare resume’ and for interviewing
  • Grow professional network
  • Market oneself to stay marketable
  • Seek entrepreneurial pursuits
  • Lead a career with a higher purpose for life!

Lead at Work

  • Understand business needs and trends 
  • Offer problem-solving potential
  • Collaborate and communicate with business context
  • Contribute quickly as a team player


Larger Goals

  • Confidence: Prepare well for jobs and career with confidence
  • Awareness: Enter and lead the workplace with the awareness of employers’ expectations
  • Career Resilience: Continue to adapt during transitions and find new opportunities in ever-changing job markets
  • Performance: Participate in value creation and innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Strengths: Understand and pursue self-employment and business opportunities

Future belongs to those who can adapt to new changing market opportunities. 

Go, get ahead with LearnAhead

Your learning journey

Your learning journey for Employability, Entrepreneurship and Career Resilience!

  • 2

    Module I Business Basics & Foundation Essentials - Models And Terms

    • ​Introduction : مقدمة للوحدة الأولى: مؤسسة فطنة تعلم الأعمال- النماذج و الشروط

    • Strategy, Tactics & Value Chain Analysis

    • Quiz on Strategy, Tactics and Value Chain Analysis

    • Learning Advice for Strategy, Tactics and Value Chain Analysis

    • Business Model

    • Quiz on Business Model

    • Learning Advice for Business Model

    • Operating Model

    • Quiz on Operating Model

    • Learning Advice for Operating Model

    • Revenue Model

    • Quiz on Revenue Model Quiz

    • Learning Advice for Revenue Model

    • Helpful Terms and Analyses

    • Quiz on Helpful Terms and Analyses

    • Learning Advice for Helpful Terms and Analyses

  • 3

    Module II Technology Basics & Foundation Essentials

    • Introduction : مقدمة للوحدة الثانية: أساسيات تكنولوجيا معلومات الأعمال التجارية

    • IT Evolution

    • Quiz on IT Evolution

    • Learning Advice for IT Evolution

    • IT Ecosystem PART - A

    • IT Ecosystem PART - B

    • Quiz on IT Ecosystem

    • Learning Advice for IT Ecosystem

    • Business-IT Integration & Alignment

    • Quiz on Business-IT Integration & Alignment

    • Learning Advice for Business-IT Integration and Alignment

  • 4

    Module III Business-IT Essentials

    • Introduction: مقدمة للوحدة الثالثة: أساسيات تكنولوجيا معلومات الأعمال التجارية

    • Business Intelligence PART - A

    • Business Intelligence PART - B

    • Quiz on Business Intelligece

    • LEARNING ADVICE for Business Intelligence

    • Business Analysis - PART A

    • Business Analysis PART - B

    • Quiz on Business Analysis

    • LEARNING ADVICE for Business Analysis

    • Business and Digital Transformation

    • Quiz on Business and Digital Transformation

    • LEARNING ADVICE for Business and Digital Transformation

    • Value Creation

    • Quiz on Value Creation

    • LEARNING ADVICE for Value Creation

  • 5

    Module IV Career Development Essentials

    • Introduction : مقدمة للوحدة الرابعة: أساسيات تطوير الحياة المهنية

    • Resume' Creation PART - A

    • Resume' Creation PART - B

    • Quiz on Resume' Creation

    • LEARNING ADVICE for Resume' Creation

    • Interviewing Skills PART - A

    • Interviewing Skills - PART B

    • Quiz on Interviewing Skills

    • LEARNING ADVICE for Interviewing Skills

    • Career Development PART - A

    • Career Development PART - B

    • Quiz on Career Development

    • LEARNING ADVICE for Career Development

    • Marketing Yourself PART - A

    • Marketing Yourself PART - B

    • Quiz on Marketing Yourself

    • LEARNING ADVICE for Marketing Yourself

    • إذاً, تريد أن تكون رائد أعمال Part A ... So you want to be an entrepreneur!

    • إذاً, تريد أن تكون رائد أعمال Part - B ... So want to be an entrepreneur!

    • تمرين لدرس إذاً تريد أن تصبح رائد أعمال ... Quiz for So you want to be an entrepreneur

  • 6

    Module V Higher Purpose for Life

    • Introduction to Career Fulfillment & Higher Purpose for Life! مقدمة الوحدة الخامسة: التحقيق الوظيفى و الهدف الأعلى للحياة

    • Career Fulfillment

    • Career Fulfillment & Higher Purpose for Life!

    • Quiz on Career Fulfillment

    • LEARNING ADVICE for Career Fulfillment & Higher Purpose for Life!

  • 7

    Downloadables, Interviewing Qs, FAQs, Glossary, Terms and Notes

President & CEO

Venugopal Chepur

Venugopal Chepur ‘reimagines’ exponential growth for business by presenting possibilities with emerging technologies and innovation, with a commitment to business value and customer-centricity. His deep love for learning and applied knowledge will provide some clue to the depth and breadth of his knowledge, experience, and versatility. Mr. Chepur has been a Senior Executive, Consultant, and Entrepreneur with an outstanding record of hands-on business building. He was named best executive for leading sales, marketing, and revenue growth. The philosophy is embedded in innovation and customer success accentuated by digital transformation, diversification, and creation of new growth platforms. He has worked at Fortune 500 firms including PwC, IBM, KPMG, Unisys, the World Bank, and global banks and insurance firms, and Indian Multinationals; lead transformation and restructuring efforts with PE firms (Tech, Food, and Consumer Products, etc.) and created markets in the US, India, Asia, Middle East, and Europe. He has also served the United Nations program to lead market development in emerging markets. Mr. Chepur is the Founder of Samprad, a growth strategy advisory firm. Additionally, he has conceived and created TrainedArrow™ an innovative Learning & Development Platform for imparting 'employability', career resilience for graduates, and ‘change enablement’ for the workforce. He has coached and mentored over 700 professionals and supported 5 Startups (pro-bono). He serves as the Chair of Memberships of the International Executives Resources Group (IERG), a non-profit Org. of global ‘C’ leaders, and advises CXOs. He has been a guest speaker at Business schools, Corporate and Executive forums; publishes on business strategy, transformation, peoples’ development (L&D), and mindfulness through his blog “Business & Bliss!”. A foremost believer in continued learning, Mr. Chepur has completed leadership courses from Cornell University and IBM Institute for Business Value. He has diverse education with an MBA in Marketing & Finance and MS in Biology & Economics. He has been a certified technology professional in IBM, Microsoft, and Cloud Technologies. A volunteer for giving, Mr. Chepur believes in leadership with humility & resolve!


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